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Message from the artist about the work “we made it”:

I don’t mean the spoon by “it”.
Although I’m sure I would love to say that if I were the one who made these spoons.
They are so lovely.

This is the photo taken at a café in a small art gallery in my hometown.
I visited there as part of the celebration of my mom’s birthday.
There were three of us; me, mom, and a taxi driver who has been a friend of mom’s for the past 20 years.
The two ladies, excluding me, were chatting incessantly and I was listening to their tones, rather than their stories.
The tones were bright, cheerful, and steady like these spoons.

I have known since childhood that mom has been surviving troubled waters for decades.
I heard from mom that her driver friend had also been surviving her own troubled waters for decades.
I have known that I have also had my own share of troubled waters for some time and have survived them successfully thus far.

It is good to know that someone close to you has been fighting well because it gives you encouragement.
It is also good to stop sometimes to catch your breath and give yourself an opportunity to appreciate the well-being of you and your neighbors.
‘Cause we will, like it or not, keep swimming in troubled waters as long as we live and encouragement and appreciation are the small islands where we can get some rest to keep going.



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