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Message from the artist about the work “the slot”:

It is part of a series of stories covering my first visit to an international film festival, for which one of my animated shorts was selected for screening.
This piece was originally written as a note for my photo “the slot” on 500px and has been partially modified so that this version can make sense without knowing the rest of the series.

While my work was being screened, I was focusing so much on taking photos of the screen that I did not pay attention to the audience.
Well, a friend of mine asked me if I looked at the audience response to my work and I simply explained to him what I was doing then.
I’m pretty sure that he thought that I was quite a weird girl, not interested in the audience response, but that was because I knew from experiences that my works were not for anybody.

Looking at the feedback about my previous works on the Internet, it is about 1 out of 300 who shows any reaction to my works and the one who reacts tends to be enthusiastic.
This is the audience reaction pattern for my works and therefore, where there are less than 300 people, I would not be surprised if none of them responded at all.
It is good to have a reasonable expectation of audience responses because you can avoid being uselessly disappointed.
Rather than how the majority of the audience react to my works, I am more intrigued by the enthusiastic viewers’ unique interpretations of my works.
Because usually, their interpretations are far beyond my imagination and they often give me food for thought and help me come up with new ideas for my future projects.

I am interested in establishing a unique slot for the works of my style and would like to discover, develop, and connect with audiences who relate to them.
This affirmation of my approach to self-fulfillment in this arena has been the biggest benefit I have gained through involvement in this film festival.






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