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Message from the artist about the work “saturday in the park”:

A huge thank you to the creators of editing programs! This work from my photograph involved using a special editing program that has brushes to simulate painting on a canvas. As a little girl, I often watched my parents painting together and loved the smell of turpentine while cleaning their paint brushes. Sometimes they let me paint and I enjoyed the process. Today, using digital paintbrushes on top of a photograph, well when I first began I thought this is amazing and I’m sure my parents would have agreed. Practicing and experimenting with this process, layering the different versions and composing the placement of what I digitally painted involves an eye for composition, it involves stepping back to discover what isn’t there at first. Bringing color and light into the process and adjusting them accordingly to create a work of digital art is a process that sometimes pops and sometimes takes a flow of time to realize it’s finished.  I enjoyed creating a feeling of airiness within and the pastel shades of colors brings to mind a Saturday in the Park. This wonderful musical track by Chicago also inspired my work! Thank you, Susy



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