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My latest animation film “a worm who loves winter” has been selected for screening at 12th Durango Independent Film Festival and I have been working on some promotional materials.

This is one of the three posters/postcards images I have prepared; this one represents one of the three plants you find in the underground palace where the worm lives.

The three plants with whom the worm lives together in the palace represent the three types of survival methods of humans when they are living in circumstances which are unfit for them:

  • Convallaria Majalis lives in the cracks of the blocks, maintaining its original shape, keeping a very low profile so that no bullies could find them and pick a fight with them. By so doing, Convallaria Majalis can get a quiet life alright, but at the expense of what?
  • Marguerite has the courage to cut into the cold, hard blocks of unknown materials, but it cannot help but being half-eaten by the blocks. Well, keep it that way, nobody knows how long Marguerite can stay who it is.
  • The tulips have learned to become chameleons. Whatever colours the palace walls have, the chameleonized tulips can immediately change their face colours accordingly and they no longer remember what their original colours used to be; they are not even interested in remembering that.

The poor little worm cannot blend in here. He is just too clumsy to acquire any of these clever, but risky tactics, so all he can do is to work hard to find a way out of this uncomfortable place.

In this film, he makes it, and as the author of this story, I would like to give him a toast for his clumsiness; it may sound a bit paradoxical, but thanks to this nature, he was able to find his right way sooner- the path to the place where he can be himself without being deteriorated.
As for the author, it took as long as 18 years to do the same thing as her worm friend, and during that 18 years, she has learned all of these skills to become environment-compatible just too well.

The author is now bathing in the sun along with the worm but it feels a bit too bright.
Here I see the signs of the deterioration I have suffered during these long environment-compatible years.
But maybe it is curable.
And with the recovered sensibility, the author will masticate the world around her in a new way and will soon start working on new films.



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