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so? notebooks, a Japanese notebook brand newly launched in 2017, offers notebooks with a name, a face, and a story. A Japanese animator so is the owner & curator of so? notebooks.

notebooks as your partner

You write this and that in a notebook, be it an idea, items to remember for shopping, an appointment with your business partners, or something you cannot “talk” to anybody but the
bundle of papers facing you there.

When you are urged to “write” something, notebooks, who are there for you calmly to accept whatever it is you need to let out, may deserve the title of your honored(!) “partner”.

so? notebooks items have individuality; by knowing the face, the name, and the story behind the cover design of each item, you can select the most appropriate partner just for you, or somebody you adore when you are looking for a gift.

We hope you will find your partner from our items currently available, while we will continue our efforts to bring out new items so that many people can find their best partner.

so? notebooksは、アートアニメーション作家の想がオーナー兼キュレーターを務めるノート・ブランドで、顔と名前とストーリーがあるノート製品を提供しています。

そんな思いを原動力に、so? notebooksでは、新作デザイン発掘の努力を続けています。

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